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About Us

Our History

In 2003, during the business chair class, a young university student located in Cartagena, Colombia, sought to spread the use of technological tools in medium and small companies, through what would be a job for the university. A year later, he decided to bring the idea to reality when he decided to undertake, with the support of his parents, the advice of SENA and the resources granted by Fonade, entities that support Colombian entrepreneurs and small businessmen.

This is how Comprehensive Computer and Network Services, SIIR, was consolidated as a company. The commitment, dedication and focus on quality results, allowed him to participate in important projects in the Colombian Caribbean, such as the expansion of the industrial zone, the renovation of the maritime infrastructure of the National Defense and the management of technological projects in educational institutions, hospitals , sports venues and factories, positioning the company as a technological leader in the region.

The team of professionals specialized in each of the services offered by SIIR, the ideal alliance and relationship with world-class suppliers and the commitment of the Cartagena company have been key in its constant growth, giving it the opportunity not only to expand in Colombia but also also in foreign territory.

Grupo SIIR

we desing and implement the technological infrastructure solutions that your company needs.

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Why choose us?

We are leaders in the region

We have a qualified team, infrastructure, and equipment that allow us to deliver a high quality service.

Our commitment and optimal results speak for themselves

We have more than 15 years of experience in the market

We have the support of the best national and international manufacturers

We comply with all occupational health and safety certifications

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