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electronic security

For SIIR Group, taking care of your employees, the security and assets of your company is critical; therefore, we offer you the following electronic security tools

The buildings have multiple independent systems that require efforts and isolated knowledge of monitoring and control, to connect and make the systems visible to each other. We design and implement smart management systems

We supply, install and configure access restriction and inspection equipment with skills that allow you to decisively increase your levels of physical security and control the assistance of your staff

We offer solutions that allow you to monitor many cameras in a single security control center

We provide the latest technology in conventional and addressable systems for automatic fire detection, as well as extension with clean agent

We install intelligent systems that give you the peace of mind of keeping your facilities safe, even if you are not present


We design, implement, maintain and manage communication networks and data processing centers

Communications infrastructure

We have extensive experience in the design, implementation, maintenance and administration of communications networks and their data processing centers

Structured cable

The projects for the modernization or adaptation of structured cabling of its headquarters and offices require having electrical and data network designs that comply with technical standards and regulations. We offer supply and installation of cabling and its connectivity accessories, design of structured cabling projects, maintenance of communications infrastructure, certification of data points and technical consultancies

Wireless connectivity

We enable safe and intelligent wireless zones designed not only to connect people and assets in the offices, but also designed to interact with your customers at their points of service and / or sales, enhancing business results

Fiber optic connectivity

Laying of aerial or channeled fibers, construction of nodes, connectors, single-mode and multimode links

Data center

Modernizing your communication, processing and data storage centers so that they meet the structural, electrical power, cooling or access control conditions required by international standards, allows you to obtain a better return on your investment. We carry out projects of Design, construction and integration of Data Center systems, housing equipment that allows data to be processed using the resources of an organization

IP telephony services: VOIP

We improve your communications with IP exchanges that replace proprietary and closed exchanges

connectivity solutions

Increase productivity and reduce communication obstacles with our  connectivity solutions forany need in your  company


Dedicated control channels

WAN management

Peer-to-peer networks

Last mile technology

Wireless links

electric engineering

We design, maintain, and build reliable electrical systems that comply with current regulations, guaranteeing the proper functioning of the facilities and the care of your employees

Design and dimensioning of the necessary capacity to supply the loads presented with future projection, supply of transformers, protections, cells, panels and medium and low voltage materials

Design and implementation of high, medium and low voltage electrical distribution networks, for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Assembly of stabilized voltage lines using voltage regulators and UPS

Construction of earthing systems, shielding, lightning arresters, DPS calculation, and surge protection

General electrical retrofits, motors, pump systems, distribution boards, conductors, trays, cable ducts, and end-use accessories

Implementation of adequate energy efficiency programs, network analyzer, thermography and tellurometer. Advice on energy saving and quality plans

Calculation, supply, assembly, preventive and corrective maintenance of generator sets and automatic transfers. Maintenance schedules

Lighting systems, calculation of variables, supply and assembly, advice and design according to current regulations – RETILAP

Supply and installation of solar generation systems, wind energy, and advice on the generation and cogeneration of electrical energy systems


We integrate information technology and automation solutions, focused on software and hardware

We have a wide portfolio of the most important manufacturers worldwide

We handle state-of-the-art wireless security and automation solutions, designed to provide a safer and smarter lifestyle

We advise you to acquire the equipment you need

We offer complete AV solutions for any corporate and business environment

Our solutions enable your geographically dispersed staff to communicate and collaborate effectively

We implement transactional kiosks that allow streamlining processes in your business

We represent the software manufacturers with the largest presence in computer equipment and mobile devices in the world

air conditioning

We create conditions of temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of air conditioners,
maintaining a suitable climate for your facilities




Specialized (chiller and precision equipment)

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